Spiritual Growth

Yours Completely by Cindy Baker - $11.95   (ISBN 978-0-9974209-0-6) Do you ever wonder if you are the only one who sometimes fails to get it right?  You want to be pleasing to God, you want to be fully devoted to Him, but somewhere along the way, you find yourself devoted to things other than God.  Well, you are not alone.  From the kings of the United and Divided Kingdoms to women everywhere, we all struggle to be fully devoted to God when the world is pulling us in many different directions.  In this book, kings like David, Jehoshaphat and Hezekiah will teach us what devotion is all about, while kings like Saul, Jeroboam and Ahab will do just the opposite.  Do you seek God’s help and support?  Do you want to be more fully devoted to Him in love and obedience?   If you do, then this book can help you do just that.  Let’s not settle for a complacent attitude towards our personal flaws, instead let’s draw closer to God and cultivate a heart that is His Completely.

A Handbook on Leadership, edited by David Duncan - $11.95 (ISBN 0-9663531-4-5) Every congregation has a continual need to develop godly men to serve.  Former Chairman of the Bible Department at Oklahoma Christian and pulpit minister of the College Church of Christ, Howard Norton, serves as an example for the contributing authors of this book.  Foreword by David Burk of Harding University.

Tradition by Lee R Peters - $11.95 (ISBN 978-0-615-58315-0) Lee's 50+ years of preaching are evident as he exposes 2000 years of man-made traditions with sound, biblical teaching on 59 relevant topics as well as what God's will is for man if we are to live for Jesus in the 21st century.  This is an ideal book for the person who wants to know what the Bible teaches on modern subjects.

Women in the Church by Everett Ferguson - $8.95 (ISBN 0-9663531-2-9) This book provides an excellent guide for Christian women in fulfilling scriptural roles in building up the body of Christ.  This is a wonderful resource and study for women who desire to use their gifts to serve the Lord.

Collected Popular Articles and Lectures by Everett Ferguson - $19.95 (ISBN 978-0-9890872-2-3) Everett Ferguson shares a lifetime of wisdom gained in service to Christ as he addresses contemporary issues, Christian living and fundamental doctrinal matters.  Sample prayers are included for the Christian leading worship in the Lord’s Supper, the collection, etc.

Just Christians by Gary Witcher - $7.95 (ISBN 978-0-9890872-8-5) All God wants a group of people who are humble enough to follow Him completely.  Why can we not be just Christians?