Staying Close to the Shepherd


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FOR WOMEN: God lovingly connects His relationship to His followers to the relationship between a shepherd and those sheep in his flock. In this book, Debbie helps us deepen our appreciation of this illustration by describing not only the dedication and love required by shepherds but also detailing specific traits of sheep. She shows how those characteristics can be used to become stronger, more obedient servants to the Master.  


Cut the Same


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Cut the Same is for:

1. The non-Christian searching for truth and the purpose of life.

2. The young Christian seeking to build their faith.

3. The seasoned Christian wanting to reaffirm their faith.

4. Anyone trying to reach out and teach others about God’s will for their life.

This Bible study workbook is more than just the author’s insights into God’s Word.  Cut the Same requires one to open their Bible and search the Scriptures for themselves as they work through each study. This method is both challenging for the user and a blessing to help the reader see for themselves God’s Plan and Pattern unfold in the verses within.


40 Years on the Second Pew


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Written by a wife of a gospel preacher for wives. Everyone could benefit in learning how to honor and love the families of those who minister full-time to congregations. Especially for wives of gospel preachers - by Debbie Kea




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This book contrasts the world that surrounds us with the radical teaching of Jesus Christ and His apostles. It is meant for older teens and young adults.