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Yeomen Press was founded by Jim and Nona Sue Sheerer of Chickasha, OK. Jim wrote the one-volume New Testament Commentary (also available in CD-Rom and epub), which remains our most popular book. Roger Erickson purchased Yeomen in 2011 in order to continue to provide publications to bring the lost to Christ and edify New Testament Christians dedicated to the Lord's church. We believe Jesus Christ was crucified, died, was buried, and rose again on the third day for our sins. The Bible is God's Word, His all-sufficient message to men and women to bring salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. - Acts 2:38


New Testament Commentary by Jim Sheerer

by Jim Sheerer - One volume (1200 pages) hard cover that presents every New Testament verse in a clear and concise format. ($49.95 + sales tax and $6 shipping). CD-Rom (not audio) for $29.95. ePub version available for $34.95. Our customers often refer to the NTC as, "the best commentary ever written." For the Christian who wants to learn and grow.

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Complete in Christ by Glen Elliott

 We live in a world that is in a sad spiritual state. Religious confusion abounds, churches are hemorrhaging members at alarming rates and the role God plays in our lives is being reduced to virtual insignificance. There is a need for a spiritual revival, a return to the high calling of God and a reestablishment of the “living hope” that only God can provide (1 Peter 1:3). The all-important questions are asked in this book: “Will we accept the challenge and aim for the best that God has for us in terms of spiritual growth and maturity? Or will we settle for something less – something comfortable or convenient?”  Glen Elliott takes us on a spiritual journey that will bring us home – a home in which we are truly “complete in Christ.”  $11.95 (tax & shipping) 

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