New Titles / Servant Development

The 2nd Pew (for women)


 Debbie reflects on her forty years as a preacher's wife to provide scriptural advice to others who support their husbands in the Lord's work. I quickly discovered that her experience and words spoke directly to me as the wife of an elder, a Bible study teacher, a Christian wife, a mother, and as a child of God. I have already received such a blessing from reading it, and I know as I go to it again and again, I will glean even more. Thank you, dear one. I highly recommend her book to my friends. If you would like to order, it is available from Yeoman Press.—Laura Youmans $11.95 (tax & shipping) 

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Staying Close to the Shepherd


For women: 

God lovingly connects His relationship to His followers to the relationship between a shepherd and those sheep in his flock. In this book, Debbie helps us deepen our appreciation of this illustration by describing not only the dedication and love required by shepherds but also detailing specific traits of sheep. She shows how those characteristics can be used to become stronger, more obedient servants to the Master.  $11.95 (tax & shipping)

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A Handbook on Leadership (numerous contributors)


 Every congregation has a continual need to develop godly men to serve. Former Chairman of the Bible Department at Oklahoma Christian and pulpit minister of the College Church of Christ, Howard Norton, serves as an example for the contributing authors of this book. Foreword by David Burk of Harding University. 

About the author: Howard Norton dedicated more than five decades of his life to ministry, missions, Christian education, and Christian journalism. His sphere of influence includes all fifty states and numerous foreign countries. In his own unique way Howard excelled in each role and by his example has served as a model for Christian servant hood. Brother Norton mentored many of the contributing writers for this book and certainly influence many by his commitment to God’s Word. With its emphasis on leadership in ministry, education, and missions, this books is a fitting tribute to the legacy Howard Norton is leaving for many generations to come.  $11.95 (tax and shipping)

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This is a hard hitting book for older teens / young adults. (paperback $9.95 (+ tax + shipping)

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A Life with Christ


A Life with Christ presents a challenge in our journey toward a glorious home in heaven. A Life With Christ provides spiritual guidelines to help us navigate our personal and family life’s adventure. (paperback $11.95 (+tax and shipping)

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20 Pamphlet Lessons for New Christians


This is a series of 20 lessons for new Christians developed by Jim Sheerer and Charles Williams. We email the lessons and you may make unlimited copies for your congregation. $19.95 (no tax or shipping)