Spiritual Growth & Study

Victory! (Romans) by Gary Witcher


 Paul, the bond-servant of Christ Jesus, was proud of two things: his power and his weakness. His power was in the message he preached. His weakness was whatever he could accomplish by his own talents. As long as Paul was able to distinguish between the two, he could minimize the latter in order to leave room for the former. Thus Paul allowed this message to put to use its power without being overshadowed by his own personality. $14.95 (tax & shipping)

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Father, Son, Spirit, and Word by Dr. Earl Edwards


Dr. Edwards has given us a collection of excellent materials which he has written over the years on the key topics of the Father, the Son, the Spirit, and the Word. These articles consider questions many are asking about the Trinity and provide wise and biblical answers which are very helpful. His frequent use of quotations from other writers makes this book a trove of information. Those studying the nature and work of the Trinity will find this work of great value. - Dr. Stafford North (14.95 tax & shipping)

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The Lion and the Lamb by Gary Witcher


  The apocalypse is the true story of the Lion of Judah who is the Lamb of God.  Gary’s writing style is understandable. A former missionary to Italy and long-term gospel preacher in South Dakota, Gary has served the church of Christ in McPherson, Kansas, since 2009. He continues to preach the gospel locally as well as in Honduras in an ongoing mission to seek and save the lost. While The Lion and the Lamb deals with the book of Revelation, Gary’s second book, Victory, is on Paul’s letter to Rome, commonly known as Romans. He has also written an evangelistic book, Just Christians. $11.95 paperback 

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The Fullness of Time by Gerald Pinson, PhD


 Gerald illustrates how at just the right time in history, God brought forth His Son. See God’s hand on the empires of the world as He prepared a people, a language, roads, currency, a recordkeeping system, and many other factors for the glorious coming of the Lord . $9.95 (tax and shipping) SIGNIFICANT QUANTITY DISCOUNT AVAILABLE FOR BIBLE OR CONGREGATION STUDIES

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Collected Articles by Dr. Everett Ferguson


 This book is the culmination of decades of study, Christian teaching, and evangelism by highly regarded scholar Dr. Everett Ferguson of Abilene, TX.  The articles naturally group themselves according to topics in which Everett has been interested for some time--Biblical texts, baptism and salvation, the Christian life, organization of the church, worship and assembly, Lord s supper, and contemporary issues.  Some prayers for different occasions are printed in this collection as a reminder that attention to prayers from the past can elevate and deepen our prayers. The meditations for the Lord s supper similarly draw on insights from older liturgies in order to enrich our experience of communion. (400 pages) $14.95 (tax & shipping)

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The Book by Gerald Pinson, PhD


 Dr. Pinson shares the story of how the Bible came to us today. Through the centuries men have devoted and often given, their lives to ensure that God's Word would be available to each nation in its own language. While evil men worked to prevent the "common person" from having access to the Word of God, faithful Christians gave everything they could offer so we can read God's message to man. This book will help the reader to become better acquainted with the people and dire circumstances they encountered, the people who sacrificed so much that we could enjoy the knowledge and hope of eternal life. $9.95 (tax & shipping) SIGNIFICANT QUANTITY DISCOUNT AVAILABLE FOR CLASS OR CONGREGATIONAL BIBLE STUDIES)

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